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Lawn Care In East Cheshire

Enjoy healthy and green scenery all year round. As qualified experts in all aspects of lawn care, you can rest assured that your lawn is in the safest of hands with our specialists from Macclesfield, Cheshire.

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Adore Your Lawn

Breathe light and vitality back into your lawn. Lawncare Specialists are the region's go-to experts for full lawn maintenance, offering an array of packages tailored to your lawns exact requirements. With a passion for quality and high levels of presentation.

Take advantage of our full evaluations to assess the condition of your lawn. Lawncare Specialists discuss your exact needs and survey the quality of your turf to deliver a more bespoke and personalised service.

Fertiliser and Nutrition

Regular and varied fertilizer applications improve the health of your lawn. Using a nutrient-rich blend in spring, following up with a colour-boosting mix in summer and a toughening combination ahead of autumn, we keep your lawn healthy through out the year.

The better prepared your lawn is for winter, the easier it is to restore it the Spring. Don't delay. Call on Lawncare Specialists for a range of services, including:

 Pest control

 This service is essential for lawns because grubs and larvae not only feed on the roots of the grass plant, but they also encourage birds
 to land and disrupt the lawn further while searching for food.
 Scarifying  Carried out in spring and autumn, this involves the removal of dead material from the lawn to reduce unhealthy moss growth.
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