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Lawn Programmes in East Cheshire

Your lawns blossom every season with expert care. We offer a variety of lawn programmes tailored to your lawns precise needs throughout East Cheshire and surrounding areas.

Fertiliser and Nutritional Input

Show your lawn off all year round with regular fertiliser applications. Lawncare Specialists use top-quality, well-balanced fertilisers to supply nutrients just when your lawn needs it. By varying the treatments ratio used throughout the year, we ensure the very best results.

Scaryfing and Aeration

With attention to detail, Lawncare Specialists remove the dead layer of material, or thatch, which is found at the base of the plant. This process, known as scarification,helps prevent moss from building up and keeps your turf in top condition.

Watch on as your lawns benefit from regular aeration. Lawncare specialists know that constant mowing and use of your lawn depletes the soil of air. Regular aeration helps keep oxygen in the rootzone, adding to the overall health. Aeration work also helps alleviate drainage problems.

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Quality Control

Using safe broad-spectrum chemicals, Lawncare Specialists can eradicate anything which poses a threat to your lawn's health. The tools and techniques implemented depend on the severity of your infestation; we tailor all of our services to your precise needs. Come to us for the following:

 Solid tine aeration

 A hole is punched in the turf, allowing in air for better growth, drainage, and a healthier lawn.
 Coring aeration  A small core is removed from the lawn, removing moss and thatch infestations and allowing even more air in for healthier and more 
 attractive grass.
 Top dressing  This operation improves the growing medium and drainage, used on a program bases it will help make your lawn less bumpy.
Request an estimate from our specialists and enjoy a range of seasonal lawn programmes provided by the experts from Macclesfield, Cheshire.